What really does the word “addiction” mean?

What does Addiction Mean

Addiction is Addiction – What it Means?

What really does the word “addiction” mean?

From an addiction counselling aspect, the word addiction generally tends to mean that a person has a compulsive physical and/or psychological need for a substance, habit or practice which is necessary to them in their daily activities.

Most addictions begin as voluntary in what many believe is nothing more than “experimentation” or even what they perceive as harmless fun. Others may engage in an addictive behaviour as a form of “escapism” to help them cope with a difficult situation in their lives.

Some products such as alcohol or drugs cause a person to form an addictive ongoing need or physical dependence for the substance and begin to experience a build-up or tolerance towards the substance. His begins to cause physiological changes in their brain chemistry which requires them to continue to need the substance in increasing amounts.

Addiction is also often accompanied by the psychological conditioning of a person which reinforces the physical and emotional need for the substance or activity.

These physical and psychological processes can also apply to many activities such as being a compulsive user of video games, excessive sexual activity, and any other activity that becomes central to your lifestyle.

The addictive process inevitably begins to encroach and affect their personal and professional lives in a variety of ways such as inappropriate behaviour, neglecting their responsibilities and affecting their interpersonal interactions with family, friends and co-workers.

Any addictive substance or habit will likely continue to escalate and result in causing a serious and even have a fatal effect on a person’s health.

If any type of substance you are consuming such as drugs or alcohol or if some activity or habit such as gambling has begun to strongly impact your life in any negative way, you should realize that you have a problem. You should immediately seek the help of a trained addictions counsellor and address your addiction before it causes you more harm.

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