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What is addiction treatment?

Addiction Treatment is the attempt by one or more professionals to support and assist the addict to discontinue their use of drugs, alcohol or harmful behavior. This service is usually provided by a licensed professional or within an addiction treatment program.

This processes of medical and / or psycho therapeutic treatment is used for the abuse and dependence on mood altering substances, such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and so-called street drugs; including cocaine, heroin or amphetamines. It is also used to assist addicts who struggle with other addictive behaviors; such as compulsive eating, shopping, gambling or sex. The goal is to enable the patient to cease the addictive behavior in order to avoid the psychological, legal, financial, social, and physical consequences that can be caused, especially by extreme abuse and dependency.

Recovery from substance dependence is a voluntarily maintained lifestyle characterized by sobriety, personal health, and citizenship. Most substances abusers believe they can stop using drugs on their own, but the majorities who try do not succeed. Research shows that long-term drug use alters brain function and strengthens the compulsions to use drugs or other compulsive behaviors. This craving continues even after the drug use stops. Because of these ongoing cravings, the most important component of treatment, also called recovery, is preventing relapse.

Addiction Treatment depends on both the person and the substance being used. In behavioral treatment, a counsellor provides you with strategies to cope with your drug cravings and ways to avoid relapse. Your doctor may prescribe medications to reduce & manage any withdrawal symptoms during detoxification, as well as any on going cravings. Often, a drug user has an underlying behavioral disorder or other mental illness that has gone unnoticed, but, one that increase the risk for further substance abuse. Such disorders must be treated medically and through counselling alongside the treatment of the drug abuse itself.

Step 1: Addiction Awareness

Right now, everything hinges on your willingness to acknowledge your addiction. To get better you need to explore your addiction, about its place in your life, and how it has affected you and those you love. Most importantly you will begin to understand the powerful process of moving through addiction to a place of lasting recovery.

Step 2: Positive Therapy

Gain valuable insight into the roots of your addiction and identify personal triggers to problematic behaviour. Here you will develop insights needed to make positive choices for yourself and deal with the addiction.

Step 3: Recovery and Renewal

The most beautiful step in the process is discovering a new and better you and living a full life unaffected by addiction.

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