Food Addiction Treatment is the appropriate step for those suffering from an eating disorder. With these disorders, food can literally become like a drug. The affected person gets their "fix" then after coming down from the high they want to have more; like food cravings.

Food can also be used to give a sensation of feeling "numb" so they don't have to deal with life. Normally, for an emotional eater, coming down off of feeling high or numb is followed by feelings of extreme loathing and self-hatred. Like other addicts, the hope is that tomorrow will be different but yet the next day food is again used to cope. This is a cycle of addiction and when treatment is indicated. The first step to recovery is, of course, the realization and acceptance of the problem.

Medically, individuals must identify which foods - the trigger foods - cause allergic symptoms and cravings.
While there is no easy way to combat this illness, food addiction treatment will support the person in developing discipline and modifying eating patterns and lifestyle. A manageable exercise program should be embraced along with dietary changes that may be maintained. Ambitious attempts to change eating patterns abruptly or to lose weight quickly rarely have long-term success.