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Sex addiction is a persistent and escalating pattern or patterns of sexual behaviors (such as masturbation, prostitution, pornography) acted out despite increasingly negative consequences to self or others. Compulsive sexual behavior — sometimes called hyper-sexuality, hypersexual disorder or nymphomania — is an obsession with sexual thoughts, feelings or behaviors that affects your health, job, relationships or other parts of your life.

Compulsive sexual behavior may involve a normally enjoyable sexual experience that becomes an obsession, & that prevents forming healthy relationship with others, or negatively impacting already existing healthy relationships. Compulsive sexual behavior might also involve fantasies or activities outside the bounds of culturally, legally or morally accepted sexual behavior. No matter what it’s called or the specifics of the behavior, untreated compulsive sexual behavior can damage a person’s self-esteem, relationships, career and other people.

But with treatment and self-help, compulsive sexual behavior can managed and urges controlled. If you enjoy sex, it does not mean you’re addicted. If, however, your sex addiction hinders your relationships, keeps you from forming a long-term, honest, loving relationship, or compels you to be deceptive, you may have an addiction and should seek specialized help.

Life Services is happy to offer individual, couples & family sessions specifically focused on sex addiction as well as sex addiction specific assessments and group therapy