intervention therapy

Counselling is a process that can help you identify more effective strategies to cope with difficult situations in your life.

We work with many types of individuals, including those experiencing distress and difficulties associated with life events and transitions, decision-making, work/career/education, family and social relationships, and mental health and physical health concerns. We also work with many people who are dealing with normal life events and are simply in need of an objective listener – someone who doesn’t judge and who can help them see new alternatives. .

Individual counselling is basically a collaborative effort between you and your counsellor. Our goal is to provide an open, supportive, and confidential environment for you to address the issues that are concerning you.

Counselling and therapy offer a variety of positive benefits that can enhance your life greatly. Exploring your thoughts with a professional, non-judgmental person can make you feel less alone and more able to sort out your thoughts in a productive way. When thoughts are disorganized, it can be challenging to make good choices: counselling is a collaborative and confidential relationship, which works to develop a realistic plan to help you move forward and grow to achieve the results you are looking for.

The benefits of counselling include a greater degree of self-awareness and understanding of yourself and others. This improves self-esteem, and becomes reflective in your personal relationships. Life feels more enjoyable and fun! You feel better about yourself and who you are. You have direction, goals, confidence, and are able to achieve them. Counselling does not have to be something you are ashamed of, but rather that you are proud of, because you want to lead a happy life!

Counselling improves your self-knowledge, well-being, health, and clarity of mind. It offers the opportunity to improve your life and comes with an overall feeling of positive change that manifests into a more fulfilling and productive life. Counselling will make you feel more inspired, motivated, and organized. You will be ready to tackle anything!

At Le Brocq Counselling & Life Services, we operate using an integrative model of therapy (including Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Psychodynamic, Rational Emotive Therapy, EMDR etc). What exactly does that mean? It means that we work with you in a solution-focused and client-centered way to explore your strengths. It means that we believe you know yourself best, and we empower you to make your own decisions. We don’t simply focus on your problems, but rather on ways that we can help you solve them. We understand that each client, family, child, youth, couple, marriage, etc. has their own unique set of experiences, and we tailor our approach to suit those specific needs.

As an organization we adhere to an integrated set of core values: (a) we view individuals as agents of their own change and regard an individual’s pre-existing strengths and resourcefulness and the therapeutic relationship as central mechanisms of change; (b) our approach to assessment, diagnosis, and case conceptualization is holistic and client-centered; and it directs attention to social context and culture when considering internal factors, individual differences, and familial/systemic influences; and (c) the counselling process is pursued with sensitivity to diverse sociocultural factors unique to each individual.