The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) at Le Brocq Counselling and Life Services, is a consecutive 12-week comprehensive, psycho-educational program that helps an individual learn about what addiction is and how it manifests in their lives, behaviourally, cognitively, emotionally, socially and spiritually. In addition, individuals will learn tools to cope and manage their addiction in each of these areas.

The outpatient program allows an individual to remain in their home environment and continue working while they are engaged in the treatment process. The program consists of psycho-educational group sessions, group processing therapy, and individual therapy. Groups will meet two times per week. One weekly individual session will be scheduled to help individuals address aspects of their recovery

It is designed for adults who are dealing with addiction issues. The following details just a few reasons one might enter our IOP program.

  • You are looking for an individualized treatment experience in a discreet setting
  • You are in early stage recovery and in need of ongoing support and stabilization
  • You have a Court Mandate to attend an outpatient treatment program
  • You have had a recent relapse with a need for increased outpatient support
  • You need a transitional compliment to a recent inpatient treatment episode
  • You want to make that initial bid for recovery without entering an inpatient program

At Life Services, we view addiction as a family disease and we are available, throughout your treatment, to support family and friends in their own recovery as the individual is gaining their own support through the IOP program.

The team is involved in different portions of the IOP providing different perspectives, approaches and supports to individuals. Individuals will gain support through the team, and with others participating in the program. We keep our program to a maximum of 8 participants to reinforce a confidential and safe environment. For more information on the program, and to see when the next round of the program begins, please contact Le Brocq Counselling and Life Services directly.