Fentanyl Addiction

Fixing Fentanyl means treating trauma that creates addicts

Dr. Gabor Mate says the following about addiction in the attached article: The first question when dealing with opiate-dependent human beings should be not “why the addiction” but “why the pain?” And what is the nature of the trauma that drives people to desperation?

In Dr.Mate’s 12 years in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver, ground zero for addiction in Canada, all his female patients reported sexual abuse in childhood, all the male patients abuse or neglect of one kind or another. As large scale international epidemiological studies have repeatedly demonstrated, childhood adversity is at the core of the emotional patterns and psychological dynamics that drive addiction. Further, childhood trauma shapes the physiology of the developing brain in ways that induce a susceptibility to addiction. Hence the addiction-prone person finds relief in substances that would not entice others, even after repeated exposure to the same drugs. In turn, Dr.Mate say prolonged drug use also changes the brain in ways that further entrench the addictive drive.

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