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Techniques for Parents Supporting their Teens Through Recovery

When a teenage child develops an addiction problem there can be a severe disconnect between what the teen is undergoing and what the parents should do to help.

The issue can be further complicated by an intense communication breakdown between the parents and the troubled teen. One thing a parent should never do is to ignore the problem because it can only become inherently worst.

Getting your teen to admit they have a problem can be hardest obstacle to overcome but is the first most important and crucial step in getting the addicted teen to seek the appropriate help they need.

One of the best approaches is to try and motivate them into seeking counseling and/or entering into a rehab program is to show the teen the harm the addiction is causing.

This could relate to the teen’s decline in health, unstable relationships, the deterioration in their grades at school and the effect the addiction could be having on their overall mental health.

Although these types of discussions may appear to fall on deaf ears as the teen rebels or tunes you out, it is an approach that often eventually succeeds in making an impact. You should also keep in mind that addiction may very possibly not be the only problem as statistically as many as 75% of teen addicts also have underlying mental health issues at the core of their addiction.

The main thing is not let your teen simply dissuade you from having this discussion with them as it is vital that you get them to realize and recognize that they have a problem that is not going away and can only deteriorate.

The sooner you can get them to at least see if they have a problem and then admit to the problem, the sooner you can get the addicted teen into an appropriate therapy program. There are many different types of programs and some of these are specifically designed for the needs of the teen addict.

If you are not sure how to approach a teen who you suspect of having an addiction, then you might be best advised to first speak with a trained counsellor who can guide you in how to approach an addicted teen.

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